Jeremy-headshot-bwIf you provide a service (i.e. if you call the people you help your “clients”)... … reading this page will make you $10,000 or more in the next 30 days.

That's not a joke.

On this page, I'll explain why we should jump on the phone to discuss whether or not you're a good fit for my Dream Client Attraction System.

It's a high-level coaching program for service providers (coaches, consultants, service professionals, speakers, experts, etc.).

We show you how to become COMPLETELY incomparable to your competitors. So when prospects find you, they can't compare you, or your prices, to anyone else.

But here's the deal...

I believe in adding value FIRST. That's why on this page I'll show you how to put an extra $10,000 in your pocket in the next 30 days... FREE... or I'll give you $250 and my sincerest apologies for wasting on your time.

More on that in a second.

First, you're probably wondering how and why I'm willing to make such an outrageous claim.

It's because...

If you look at most businesses, they do a lot of different things for a lot of different people. They might do it good, but they don't do it great. And because of that they get inconsistent, unreliable results for the people they help.

Worse is the fact that they have no consistent, repeatable systems in place that bring in new prospects and turn them into clients. In fact, I'm guessing YOU don't either.

Instead you're probably relying on things like referrals... networking... constantly scrambling to find new clients with no real system in place for doing that.

My advice?

We do ONE specific thing... for ONE very targeted type of business. That way every second of our day is spent figuring out how to consistently get better results for our clients. Period.

So what do we do?

We help service providers (coaches, consultants, service professionals, speakers, experts, etc.) become absolutely incomparable to make your competitors completely irrelevant.

And we fully believe we're THE best in the world at doing it.

(We have well over $40,000,000 - that we're aware of - in real-world results to prove it)

This is the “secret sauce” we've discovered to being able to...

  • Become fully booked and work only with those who you enjoy...
  • Increase your fees 2-10x while getting better results for your clients...
  • Enjoy TRUE time freedom and reliability in your cash flow (no more feast & famine mode!)...

Before working with Jeremy I was doing about $4k per month. He then forced me out of my limited mindset and showed my how to command higher fees and attract the "big" clients in my industry. He's even shown me some of the most insane productivity and work-structuring skills I've ever seen.

Plus I've now roughly 6x'd my income and take a lot of afternoons off! What he's done for my life is just downright amazing.

Taylor Welch
Taylor Welch Welch MKTG Group

What can I say about my coaching with him? That I'm a better writer because of his actions? That my business has grown faster than I ever imagined? That my clients are happier, pay more, and refer me to other clients more often because of the added value I bring them?

All of that is true. In fact, I've roughly 3-5x my fees and income (depends on the service) and only work with amazing, fun, high-end clients who I get consistent results for!

Geoffrey Yu
Geoffrey Yu RBM Solutions

I started working with Jeremy about 3 years ago and have gone back to him ANY time I need to increase my profits.

In just one example, we worked on redoing my main autoresponder campaign which attracted and pre-qualified new prospects to become clients. After working with him we tested it and his strategies helped me improve results by 270% from what we had before!

Pat Rigsby
Pat Rigsby Fit Business Insider

I hired Jeremy to help me acquire more leads through my main traffic method - direct mail. After strategizing with him, we sent out the first piece (of 3). A few days after we sent out the first piece, I realized I had to pull the plug on the rest of the campaign.

Not because it wasn't working, but because it worked so good I couldn't take on anymore business! The best part is, I can now re-use that campaign (with a few minor tweaks) any time I need more clients.

Nav Thakur
Nav Thakur Financial advisor
  • Automated marketing systems which attract, pre-sell, pre-qualify and close your perfect dream clients...
  • The ability to dramatically increase your fees while getting your clients BETTER results...
  • Consistent, reliable streams of new leads which close at consistent percentages into paying clients (finally!)...
  • The chance to finally break through the infamous "feast and famine" mode most service providers deal with...
  • A scenario where you become the hunted while sitting back and cherry picking the 'dream clients' you absolutely desire to work with...
  • Reliable client-getting strategies that don't depend on asking for referrals, networking or any of the "usual" methods you hate doing...

As I mentioned earlier, we do one very specific thing for a very specific type of person and business.

That's why we're able to get such PREDICTABLE, INCREDIBLE results and offer such a downright insane guarantee that everyone else is, quite frankly, scared to offer.

That said, here is an exact list of criteria you MUST meet to be accepted into this program.

  • Your Industry

    You should be a coach, consultant or service provider (i.e. you call your clients “clients”, not customers)…

  • Your Revenue

    You’re already generating at least $100,000+ in annual revenue…

  • Your Client Value

    Your average revenue per client is $1,000 or higher…

Beyond that, there are a few you SHOULD meet to get even better results.

The more of these you meet, the better you'll do in this program.

  1. You already have an email list of at least 1,000+...
  2. You're currently spending money on advertising but would love for it to be more effective...
  3. You have real, tangible results and case studies and are an expert at what you do...

If you meet those criteria you'll be interested to know...

I either help you... or I'll send you $250!

I either help you... or Ill send you $250!

Remember in the beginning when I promised to show you how to add $10k to your business in the next 30 days?

That's how I'd like to start our relationship together.

Before even considering asking you to join the coaching program, I want to give you real, tangible value upfront.

Because... well... that's how I like to start relationships.

So here's how it works.

When you scroll below you'll see an application. Fill out that application to apply for a FREE 45-minute strategy session with me personally.

Here's how that call will go...

  • Second, IF you find value in our initial chat, I’ll explain the program and see if it’s a mutual fit. Then you either join us or you say no and we part ways as friends. No pressure. No weird sales tactics. It’s either right for you or it’s not.

Remember, I either show you how to add $10,000 to your business in the next 30 days... or I'll pay you $250 for wasting your time.

I'm only looking for people who are hungry to make a change in their business. If you're a procrastinator or use the "I already have too much information" excuse (insert puke face)... please don't apply.

But if you're ready for a REAL transformation in your business and you're willing to take my advice and do what's necessary, fill out the application below.