How To Get A 705,782% ROI From A Cardboard Tube

Earlier in my career when I was still trying to figure out how to attract better clients at higher fees, I decided to do a little experiment.

The experiment involved a $17 cardboard tube… and a DREAM client I was dying to work with.

I tried something a little BOLD and different…

and it ended up making me around $120,000.

(In case you’re wondering, that’s a 705,782.35% ROI)

This video takes you through EXACTLY how I did that, why I acquired the client, and most importantly…

… how YOU can model what I did in your own business!

Here’s Your Video…

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Jeremy Reeves is the founder of CEO of Get Dream Clients. We help service providers stand out to make your competitors completely irrelevant. Click here to see how we can help you raise your fees, attract more clients and automate your marketing.

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