How Pat Used Email To Get 270% Better Results

I want to introduce you to a client of mine.

His name is Pat Rigsby and he’s one of the most influential authorities in the personal training industry.

When he first came to me, his business was doing GOOD.

However it just wasn’t good enough. It was costing him a little too much to acquire a new customer and he wasn’t growing fast enough.

Problem was, he was so close to his business he couldn’t figure out why.

So we got on the phone.

I asked him all sorts of probing questions about his business.

Like… wow was he attracting new prospects… what was he doing to turn them into paying clients, etc. etc.

After probably 20 minutes of grilling him,
I figured out what was wrong…

In a nutshell, he was talking to 3 different types of people all with different problems…

… but the problem was all of these different people were on the same list. They were all getting the same messages, even though they were dealing with different problems.

In order to speak their language and connect each group on an emotional level we split up his email campaigns into 3 separate lists.

Next, I carefully crafted a new set of emails for each of those groups based on the specific problems they were having and specific solutions to those problems.

The results?

He ended up getting 270% better results
with the new email campaigns…

So let me ask you this…

Everybody has leverage points in their business when trying to attract those ‘special’ clients. When you tap into those points you take a giant leap forward and get 12-24 months of results in just a few weeks.

(I put together a special training workshop covering this topic here.)

Do you know what your leverage points are? If I called you on the phone right now could your rattle them off the top of your head?

Almost nobody does.

And it’s NOT because you aren’t smart. It’s because you’re so close to your business that you can’t see those tiny tweaks hiding on the sidelines. Simple as that.

It’s why I personally pay over $25,000 per year for my own business coaches.

It’s also why every high performance person who has ever lived, has had a coach of some sort.

And it’s why you should too.

If you’re interested in attracting, pre-selling, pre-qualifying and close more dream clients into your business on autopilot…

… start with this FREE video training.

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