How To Get A 1,000%+ ROI With Paid Marketing

If you’re a coach, consultant or freelancer and are having a hard time either a) keeping your pipeline consistently full of paying clients OR b) having those clients pay you high enough fees…

… you’re going to LOVE what I’m about a share with you.

Most service providers I know are constantly in “hustle” mode chasing down new clients. Feeling humiliated to ask for, and rely on, referrals. Having to attend boring networking events that suck the life out of you.

Worse is that nagging “feast and famine” mode you’re going through… where you have one great month and feel like you’re on top of the world… followed by a month of NOTHING. Which, of course, sucks the life out of you and makes you feel like a failure.

Screw that!

Today I’d like to show you how to RELIABLY create paid marketing campaigns that bring you in a consistent flow of clients ready, willing and EXCITED to pay you higher fees. Better yet, they give you a great ROI (we’ll shoot for 1,000%).

Plus, the entire process can be completely automated to attract, pre-sale and filter those clients so by the time they talk with you, you’ve differentiated yourself so much that they aren’t even considering any of your competitors.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Whatever industry you’re in, you’re always dealing with a mountain of competitors all trying to claw their way to the top and steal your competitors from you. When a client is considering doing business with you, they are COMPARING you to at least 2-3 other competitors.

What are they comparing you on?

  • How closely your solution fits the specific problem they’re having…
  • The results you’ve achieved for people similar to them (the closer the better)…
  • How much they TRUST you…
  • How confident you are in your ability to get them results…
  • How strong your guarantee is to get them those results…
  • … and about a dozen other factors.

Now here’s the important part, so pay attention.

The Further You Separate Yourself
From Your Competitors…
The Faster You Close Clients
At Higher Fees

Industry Giant

Think about it like this.

Imagine you’re a prospect who is looking to build a profitable paid marketing campaign on Facebook for your personal training business and you’re looking for someone to help you do that.

So you contact 3 people…

  1. John: John is a “traffic guy” who has some good results and helps manage his clients traffic campaigns on a monthly basis.
  2. Sara: Sara also does traffic but she focuses mainly on Facebook because of the incredible targeting you can do. She also has great results and a “satisfaction guarantee”.
  3. Dave: Dave is unique. He works exclusively with people in the health industry. He also specializes in Facebook because it’s what he found works best for clients in that industry. Plus he has a detailed step-by-step system for getting specific results for specific clients, and he’s choosy about who he picks. He even has an “ROI Guarantee” where he promises you a specific guarantee within 90 days or your money back.

So who would you pick?

OBVIOUSLY you’re going to pick Dave! That’s not even a question!

But what if his fees were 2x… 3x… maybe even 4x higher than the others? I’m guessing you’d still pay it.


Because of how closely matched what he does and who he helps aligns with what you need, and the results he guarantees.

But what if he took a little longer to start the project?

Well, if he explained to you that he takes longer because he takes 2 weeks to really dig into the details of your business and understand exactly who you’re targeting, I think you’d understand. In fact you’d probably feel relieved that someone was going through so much trouble to make sure things were done right the first time.

Ok so the question is…

How do I take this information to get 1,000%+ ROI’s on my paid marketing campaign?


Step #1: Clarify

Get clear on your who, how and why

Get crystal clear on EXACTLY who you help, EXACTLY why your process is unique, EXACTLY what result you can give them and how. Then offer to give them a “test drive” of your value up front with no risk to them.

Step #2: Magnetize


In your paid marketing campaigns, you create ads that target and call out those exact people. Nothing complicated or confusing. The power comes in specificity of what you do and coming up with an offer that nobody else in your market is offering.

For example if you’re a designer looking for new clients, you can run campaigns offering free mockups for high-end personal trainers looking for websites that help them generate more clients.

Step #3: Convert


You create a simple landing page that offers them EXACTLY what the ad mentioned. That way the only people going there are 100% targeted to who you’re looking for and already know what you’re offering them.

See how specific and targeted that is?

ANY high-end personal trainer who sees that is going to jump on it and hire you immediately. They’d be crazy to hire someone else!

Here’s A “Real World” Example…

I have a coaching client who offers done-for-you selling systems to people in the networking marketing industry. We worked together and came up with a system like this…

  • Step #1: We ran Facebook ads to a landing page offering a free report that was very unique and different for the market (which is hard to do in that industry!).
  • Step #2: Once they opted in they were given a bonus webinar, which then asked for an application.
  • Step #2a: For those who didn’t watch the webinar and apply, we created an email sequence designed to create trust and show his unique differentiation. We also followed my AuthorityInfusion framework which automatically made his prospects perceive him as THE authority on the topic. All emails then led them back to the application page (which again came with a fantastic, value-based offer which was impossible to refuse).
  • Step #3: Once they applied, we put filters in place to weed out those who didn’t qualify, and then we set up a unique process for delivering value and then asking those who got value to join the coaching program he was offering.

The result?

He ended up making about $57 PER LEAD he generated!

Considering his cost per lead was in the $5 – $6 dollar range his overall ROI – within a 30 day period – was about 1,000%. And that’s in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

THAT is how you stand out and get 1,000%+ ROI’s.

And the process was 100% automated (except for talking to them on the phone, obviously)… and SIMPLE!

Want Me To Help You Implement This
In Your Business… 100% FREE?

As you might know, I help coaches, consultants, experts and freelancers become completely incomparable to competitors so they can attract “dream” clients paying higher fees and taking up less of their time. Plus we automate the entire process of attracting, pre-closing, filtering and closing those clients!

Keep in mind this is for a very specific type of person. But if….

  • You’re doing over $100k in gross annual revenue.
  • You have real results you get for clients
  • Your average client worth over $1,000 to you… 

… you’ll be glad to know that  I’m opening up a handful of spaces in my calendar where I’ll dig into YOUR business and show you how to add a minimum of $10,000 to your bottom-line over the next 30 days.

If that gets you excited…

Go here to book your FREE strategy session now.

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